Leave your comments, suggestions and if you wish to contact any of those below please email me for details.

Friday October 4, 2013

My ‘Intermediate’ years at the old Beckenham School of Art are deeply ingrained; a magical time. Went on to the Central school of Arts & Crafts, then briefly wrote & presented TV programme for STV before it became TVS… followed by a lifetime of varying forms of design for Corporate Clothing, Interiors, Hotels, Fabrics, Textiles, Illustration … a chequered career … still designing/ painting + family life & seven grandchildren ….. Agree – I also was especially influenced by Beckenham teachers – Dr Weissenborn, Fred Packer, Fry, Grahame Arnold, Don Buley … it was a special time.
Was always envious of Bruce Pennington’s skill at impersonating other techniques. !
came to the school at the same time as Sonia Dobson….. haven’t crossed paths since ! What news ?

— Used to be Jane Sinclair

Thursday April 11, 2013

for those who knew Judy Potter, I am sorry to say that she died recently. Well not so recently as I have just returned to Western Australia and heard the news. Judy was from the Paula Nightingale and Mike Fry era. A year ahead of me. She married Doug Chambers during her time at RCA.

john witcombe

Sunday March 31, 2013

I last posted my comments on 5th Aug 2011 and since then my wife took a telephone call from an ex-Bec Art School friend, IAN HOWES but unfortunately he did not leave his number. Ian, if you read this please try again – email me on [email protected] when you pick this up.
Michael Cole, (student from 1961 – 1965

— Michael Cole

Sunday March 10, 2013

I recently received a delightful e-mail from an ex student. Unfortunately it got eradicated before I had a chance to reply. I even lost his name. So, please dear student I apologise as I know you asked for a reply and this is the only way I could think of to respond. I hope you read it. George.

— George Fry

Sunday January 13, 2013

This is my first time on this webpage.
I was probably in the last year at this Art School, about 1964.
The best year for me, I was 17, what a great year! Loved every minute of it.
Anyone else remember the last years or me?

— Dennis Brackley

Thursday August 2, 2012

re Liz Logan’s message of a year ago!! my email address is above. I hadn’t looked at this website before…

— Dimity Dawson

Tuesday July 31, 2012

Hello Mac,
it would be nice to get in touch with Mike Hendrix, after all these years, just seen his entry in the guestbook.

— John Hutchinson

Tuesday July 24, 2012

I would like to contact Brian Eacersall, who has posted on this page, as he was one of my teachers along with Owen Frampton from 1965 to 1967 at Bromley Technical High School. Thanks.

Paul Ruffle

Saturday July 14, 2012

Laurence Norris (teacher and principle) was my mother’s first cousin. She grew up in Australia and never knew she had a cousin…she is now 94 years old. Does anyone have a photo of him that they could post? I would love to show my mother his photo.
Grateful for all help!
Nedra Cawley
Riverton, New Jersey

— Nedra Cawley

Friday July 13, 2012

Just found you lot!
John Frost, John Hutchenson,
etc, etc. so much more
Do have a couple snaps,
How do I get them to you?
Also in the middle up writing up some sort of the things that happened between 1955 to 1958
One thing that does stick in my mind what John Cole said to me ‘Hendrickx I waist more matches on you than anybody else that I have ever known,
If any would wish to telephone me... (Mike unable to contact you by email, keeps rebounding and your tel is constantly engaged. Please send me alternative email address and tel number. Thnks Mac)

— Mike (NEMO) Hendrickx

Wednesday May 9, 2012

This is a message to Jo Holliday. I am Jacqueline Aubailly (from France). I was Anne Rooke penfriend and I knew very well the Lakinhall family. I read a message on this post from Jo Holliday and I should be delighted to be in contact with her.

— Aubailly Jacqueline

Saturday May 5, 2012

Dear all

I am doing an A level graphics project which references Graham Clarkes work. I know he studied at BSoA. Does anyone have alist of alumni who are are now or have worked as established artists/illustrators/designers/ as I want to give a flavour of the establishment and the education at that time

I would be very grateful

Best wishes

— sani lama

Friday April 20, 2012

Tom Watt and George Fry in one brief read. The names keep coming up. You’re doing a great job Mac.


— Peter Mitchell

Friday April 13, 2012

Hi, This message is a bit of a stab in the dark really. Some one by the name of Geoff asked if anyone knew Stewart Edward Westlake Goss about four years ago, well Geoff if you ever swing by this way again, I did! Although not from this school, I knew him none the less.

Sarah Maher

Sunday April 8, 2012

Beryl Russell-Smith mentioned Keith Lucas (died 25/3/12) and Carel Weight who became friend of the family
may this lady was a fellow student at the same time when keith stephen and older brother Dennis and wife Mavis Rosalind nee Williams were there
We are researching the fmaily history for Dennis’s family and would appreciate any information which would give dates of when they attended/taught there as all won scholarships to the RCA in the 40s
Mavis had a reference from the RCA in Ambleside did it move during WW2?
Any details of paintings gifted/purchased would be helpful as Dennis regularly submitted to the RA Summer exhibition (where he also taught) from 1947 until he died in 1993 which we are trying to catalogue. Thanking you in anticipation. The Lucas family

— joy Hall

Monday April 2, 2012

I was delighted to find this site with so many familiar names. I was very young when I first went to teach at the School. In fact I was not much older than many of the students and younger than some. I was petrified of Kassimoff and Tom Freeth and felt very much their inferior junior. My cache was that I was Peter Werner’s nephew by marriage.
My favourite memory was when I organized a week of visits to the British Museum. Each day a different class came up and met me at the front of the building. I gave strict instructions that everyone should look neat and well dressed as we were representing the school. All was fine until Friday when it was the turn of the illustrators to arrive. I waited in the portico of the Museum and suddenly saw at the end of the long approach drive a motley assembly of my favourite students. They had top hats, feather boas, parasols, you name it and they were wearing it. I had to watch this wild assortment walk slowly towards me. I greeted them as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but loved them dearly. I had a very happy life at Beckenham and ended my teaching career as director of a College of Craft and Design in Canada, heavily modeled on BSOA.

— George Fry

Sunday April 1, 2012

i have just found coppies of 1950-1951Cabinet Maker with articles about Beckenham and photos of students furnature design work including my father Donald Wellsted. I will scan them in and send them to the web site. We are still using the chair in one of the photos.

— Carolynn pritchard nee Wellsted

Sunday April 1, 2012

David Webster was a contemporary of my Father’s…are there any more 1948-51 people out there? Is David Contactable?

— Carolynn pritchard nee Wellsted

Sunday April 1, 2012

I think I can also supply more furniture design photographs of Beckenham 1948-1951

— Carolynn pritchard nee Wellsted

Thursday March 29, 2012

Mac, It’s a great site. Have some pics to find taken in Mrs Eppes and will send asap.
Just read the piece about Cappy and the exploding balloon. Hilarious! The mental image of John Cole’s reaction cracked me up. Best of luck mate.
Love Tom.

— Tom Watt

Thursday March 29, 2012

I have now got a publisher (Oak Knoll) for the biography have written of Hellmuth Weissenborn, should be out later this year. I would love a photo of him at Beckenham for the book, is there one I could include? Many thanks

— Anna Nyburg

Monday March 5, 2012

I am researching Gertrude Hermes a student of BSoA 1919 -20, wood engraver, book illustrator, sculptor. Where is she in your history?

— R. T. Winter

Monday February 13, 2012

Further to my post a couple of weeks ago, in response to the message from Margaret Raymond and concerning my mother Anne Rooke, I am now delighted to find a photo of my father, Trevor Lakin-Hall, in thespian mode as part of the cast for ‘The Miller and his Men’ 1951.

— Jo Holliday

Sunday February 12, 2012

Has the biography of Doc Weissenborn been finished? He was a great person and teacher and I stayed in touch with him for a few years after art school. We all remember his catchphrase in still life or perspective ‘Be quite quite BOLD’. I also remember him leading us across the zebra crossing opposite the school, holding up his hands to stop the traffic like parting the Red Sea. I have a couple of his lovely illustrated books.
Tony Parkin

— Tony Parkin

Tuesday January 10, 2012

I have been given a limited edition print (33/40) signed by Anne Rooke. It is a landscape with trees, fields, a tractor, two buildings in a distance- one is a church I think. The colour scheme is ‘faded’ green and yellow.
I have been trying to google the artist to find out more about her and the only one that comes up is Anne Rooke who studied in 50s/60s in BSoA.
Is this the one?

— Margaret Raymond

Tuesday January 10, 2012

I went to Life drawing evening classes in the early ’70s at the suggestion of my art teacher at Bromley Technical High School, Owen Frampton.
I can remember drawing Quentin Crisp whilst I was there and others, but did’nt realise the school’s importance until later in life.
I’m glad I was involved in a very small way.

— Ian Drury

Thursday January 5, 2012

Fifty years later… hello Roger!
I was in a class just above yours, am still in contact with Graham Browning. Would very much like to hear from you Bob Fairbrother

— Bob Fairbrother

Thursday January 5, 2012

As an “elderly” student of art and collector I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your website and reading the history and memories it contains. Thank you for providing the opportunity. I am now doing some research on Laurence Norris and would be grateful to be put in touch with anyone who might be able to help, please.
Kind regards
Michael Palmer. My email is [email protected]

— Michael Palmer

Thursday November 24, 2011

What a wonderful site to come across? I’m doing some research on Richard Brent Malone and was wondering if anyone had information that could help in locating the works that executes when he was a Beckenham?

— F. Bruce

Tuesday November 15, 2011

I was a student at the nearby Beckenham Techical School from 1942-1945. Those of us who were interested in Art had classes three days a week. During that time,I was introduced to typography, (I still have books with bookplates that we printed under the guidance of Mr Cole, the Principal. We also received tuition in lettering, painting (from the wife of the late Robin Day) and industrial design, again from Mr Cole. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and subsequently have made use of, and expanded on the knowledge that I gained.

Kenneth Hillyard

— Kenneth Hillyard

Tuesday October 18, 2011

I’ve just stumbled across your site. How fascinating it is to read all this. We too have a beautiful portrait painted by Laurence Norris, of my late mother-in-law Shirley. And we have a painting of Quentin Crisp by Shirley. I had no idea that the School was so important. It has been lovely reading through it. I wish I had found Shirley in one of the photographs…. She would have been there late 50s early 60s.

— Paula

Tuesday October 11, 2011

This is a lovely, fascinating site. I am doing some research into the life of Thomas Freeth and wondered if anyone had any images, memories etc.?

— Laura

Tuesday August 30, 2011

I have a large Portrait of an elegant yong lady painted by Henry Carr in 1928, i was wondering if any one would be able to tell me a little about the artist,i would also really love to know who the lady in the portarit is,can anyone help?
I understand Henry carr once taught at Beckenham School of Art

— Anthony

Thursday August 11, 2011

Hi – I noticed an enquiry here about Ian Ribbons. I have set up a blog of his work here: http://ianribbons.blogspot.com/ for anyone who is interested (I am Shannon his son)

Shannon Ribbons

Monday August 8, 2011

Please could you put me in touch with Dimity Dawson – mentioned below July 2010 as she attended Ravensbourne before 1968 and may help me with my High Ems mansion searches?

— Liz Logan

Friday August 5, 2011

I was at Bec Art School in 1961 then moved to Ravensbourne College of Art & Design then to Wharton Road for my final years.
Bec Art School especially holds so many wonderful memories for me. Names that spring to mind are: Anthea Rice, (still in contact), Andy Cranston, (still in contact), Keith Andrew, (still in contact), Steve Carroll, (lead guitarist with The Preachers, then The Herd – good friend of Bill Wyman), Dave and his younger brother Nigel Inshaw, Dave Muriel, (who used to sing and play guitar), Jane Sinclair, Cappi, “Slim” Gray, Len, (painter), Derek Stevens, Chas, Jim Bain, Anthea Mondinos, (still in contact), George Underwood, (still in contact). There are so many more students I remember but cannot remember their names ! The teachers I remember are, Mrs Freeth, Don Beuley, (life drawing), Doc Weissenborn, (perspective), Mr Collins, (lettering), Mr Midgeley, (who I think was a student at BSoA when my father was there), and the Principal John Cole. I remember the trad jazz socials in the painting room at the end of the building and also remember having Quentin Crisp with blue rinse hair modelling for us in that room.
I still have my portfolio of my early work.
I am working as a photographer now and have been for the past 40 years – I wish I had taken pictures of my days there to record and preserve those memories but at that time I had no interest in photography !

Michael Cole
(Still in Beckenham !)

— Michael Cole

Tuesday June 14, 2011

i am full of tears for those brilliant years at bsoa

— chris walter

Tuesday June 14, 2011

Re: A Radio Tribute To Kass

For Mac

March 2011, saving the BBC podcast of Small Acts of Kindness, I listened to Trevor Preston’s radio play for the first time three months later, in June.

The richness of it, with a half-dozen subplots and dialogue much like Pinter screenplays from the 60’s. There is much to make you smile and even more to make you want to look it up. Certainly it makes you re-listen two, three, four times.

“Picasso holds a stone … artists say it is a bird. Picasso says, see it fly away!”; “Klee’s titles were better than some people’s paintings!”

When looking up these fun things and unexpectedly landing on your pages, just imagine how thrilling it is to learn Kass was no fictional character! Elsewhere on these pages you also publish the paper cup photograph referred in Preston’s play, shown below (“I think there might be a small whiskey in it”).

And “painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, designer” echoed in the radio work features in a eulogy reported by Eric Thomas.

Alas, the ‘Kassemoff, A Tribute’ collation is aspiration; what fun it would have been to see.

(Thinks: I wonder who was “Alice”)

Small Acts of Kindness was a BBC Play Of The Week which I have on my iPod. If you want a copy of the BBC podcast mp3 audio file, just ask and I will email it to you, and to Eric Thomas.


Richard Schroder
formerly of London SW3

Wolfe Kassemoff 1913 – 2005

— Richard Schroder

Sunday May 22, 2011

Hallo! I am writing a biography of Hellmuth Weissenborn and would be delighted to hear of any memories you have of him. I have also revcently met Francis Carr (now 92) who taught parttime at Beckenham/Ravensbourne for many years. I look forward to hearing from you
Dr Anna Nyburg
Imperial College London

— Anna Nyburg

Wednesday March 30, 2011

anyone remember Ray Mitchel or as I knew him Ramondo Michelle. He used to play flamenco at aunties when we did pottery and sculpture. What happened to him?

john witcombe

Thursday March 10, 2011

Would be fascinated to hear of anyone who knows anything about Sven Berlin’s short time at the School under Henry Carr. Would be in the late 1920s/early 1930s. Or if anyone has any photos from that era?

— Sonia Aarons

Wednesday March 9, 2011

Did you ever have a student named Dorothy Lightfoot approx. 1920

— eileen lucas

Tuesday February 8, 2011

I remember Jeff Hellyer from Ravensbourne. Is he the same who had a SPACE studio at Martello St E 8


Thursday January 20, 2011

I was a student at Ravensbourne from 1972-76. My first year was the first lot of students doing the Foundation course. Kass Cohen ran it and all the Fine Art teachers, Alan Green Tom Freeth, Vic Kuell contributed. Jeff Hellyer was around part-time as well. I had a great time at Ravensbourne and found my way to the Slade afterwards. I am now a landscape painter, showing in a number of galleries, and I teach Art also. Fond memories of Bromley and then Chiselhurst.

— Paul Finn

Wednesday January 12, 2011

They are currently doing a documentary about the life of Brent Malone (graduated approx 1966). The filmmakers would like a photo of Beckenham for the movie (in jpeg form). Is someone able to help me with that? Many thanks.

— marysa malone

Monday December 13, 2010

I have a beautiful portrait of my mother in oils painted by Lawrence Norris in the 1930s – I would love to know more about him, and note that Simon Norris, who has left a couple of messages here, is his nephew. Please do get in touch!

— Geraldine Craig

Thursday November 25, 2010

I was at Sidcup SoA from 1961 until we joined with your lot. We shared many of your tutors (Gorham, Wildman, Sturgess, Peacock, etc) and nights out at the Bromley Court Hotel with Muriel, Gristwood, Jennings, Underwood, Burke, et al. The favourite ‘meeting’ spots during Saturday was Dunns (mornings) and The White Hart (evenings) – both in Bromley.

patrick uden

Monday November 22, 2010

Does anyone have information about the dates pre- and post war when Percy Hague Jowett was on the School of Art Staff? I’m curious as to whether my Grandmother nee Kathleen Eileen Everington (later Platt), was taught by him there. I have an unidentified crayon sketch described as showing a scene in Fetter Lane, which on circumstantial evidence might just possibly be by him.

— Benjamin Darlow

Tuesday November 16, 2010

Cailean MacKirdy: I recently stumbled on a painter who as a late teenager was a student at Beckenahm Art School: Rose Hilton nee Phipps: went on to the Royal College and swept the board: truly magical painter: did anyone know her – she lives and paints in Cornwall ~ now in her 80s. Simon Norris

— simon norris

Friday October 1, 2010

my uncle Laurie Norris won the Rome Prize for a collaboration with an architect and a sculptor to design a new school in pre-War Rome, about mid to late 30’s. does the BSoA have any records of Laurie or of his design, or of any of his paintings?

— simon norris

Monday September 27, 2010

I noticed the name Janet Spiller and wonder whether she is the girl I knew in the late 1950’s who lived in The Drive Beckenham and was born in November 1938

— John Ault

Friday July 30, 2010

Can you pass the email address onto Derek Turner who I see is trying to contact. I am now living in Martin, a village in Aveyron – near to Albi. Cheers. David

David Goad

Wednesday July 21, 2010

I attended life drawing classes between 1965-68. Found pencil drawings I did of Quentin Crisp which aren’t bad!!!

— Dimity Dawson

Thursday July 15, 2010

I am trying to find out/contact Harvey Sklair or his relatives can anyone help please?

— roger stephenson

Monday June 7, 2010

I may be able to help with details of interest, re air raid shelters, caves etc. at the Art School.

John Hutchinson

Monday June 7, 2010

I’m a local author compliing some books about Chislehurst Caves, so I am interested in the school play you put on in the Caves (1959?) Who can I contact to get permission to reproduce the pictures, please?
Also, I see that the School had a shelter of its own. Just a total guess, but did anyone produce any paintings to decorate it, and are there any photographs, please?

Brian Williamson,
[email protected]

Brian Williamson

Sunday May 30, 2010

I wish to contact Nina McConnell
and David Goad.
Regards Derek

— Derek Turner

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Dose anyone remember my brother John McConnell who was at Beckenham art school in the late 40’s and early 50’s Nina

— Nina Bland (McConnell)

Thursday January 21, 2010

I have some names for photograph 21.Back row l-r.Peacock,Frank Drake,Richard Clark,Don Buley.?.?.John Sturgess,? Front row l-r,Doc Weissenborn.?.Audrey Huntley.Ron Wildman.Mrs Gorham.John Pezare.Arthur Grater. I took the picture at Wharton Road in 1966.Congratulations on putting together such a significant website.G.F.

— Geoffrey Fernand

Saturday January 2, 2010

I was at BSoA from 1960-62 on the recommendation of my school artmaster Leo Walmsley,who advised me to beware of the girls looking for husbands. I enjoyed every minute and it changed my life.

— John Pinder

Saturday January 2, 2010

My name is John Pinder and I went to BCOA in 1962 – Anybody remember me?

— john Pinder

Saturday December 5, 2009

Very interesting site. Having spent my childhood in B’ham I wonder if Leo Walmsley was from the BSoA

— Stephen Young

Sunday November 29, 2009

I was at BSoA from 1940-45 and have many wonderful memories of the most impressionable time of my life. have agroup photo+ interior drawings of building. Best wishes to anyone atBSoA during the war years.

Leslie McCombie

— Leslie McCombie

Wednesday November 18, 2009

I believe that my great uncle, Harold Bishop (1884-1941), was a teacher at the School between the wars. I would be very grateful for any information about him please. Is he mentioned in any of the prospectuses or other memorabilia you hold please? I do hope that you can help please and look forward to hearing from you.

— Tony Bishop

Tuesday November 17, 2009

Feel lucky to have found the site. GREAT
Just an update to picture 39, Flossy’s real name is Martin Emmerson and he is alive and well living in Bromley.
Would like to contact Dave Muriel any any others in picture 39.
Please pass on my e-mail address to those who would like to make contact.

Kind regards to all,

Alan Williams

— Alan Williams

Sunday October 25, 2009

I remember Sweeny Todd, I played Lucy Lovett

— Jean Newham

Saturday September 19, 2009

Anyone remember me?
BAS in 50’s. Now living in France. More if anyone interested! Mail me….. bientot.

— David Goad

Saturday July 25, 2009

I was at BAS during 1941-2 and 1947-48. It would be wonderful to hear from anyone who might remember me. I have met up with Bernard Cheese but where are Geoff Hine and Ian Ribbons Keith Lucas or Margaret House?
Incidentally, I have a photograph of a production of Sweeny Todd in 1947(?)

— David Webster

Thursday July 16, 2009
sorry to interfere, but I found this site just by chance; I was looking for Harvey Sklair. I got to know him as I was a French language assistant at Langley Park School back in 1971, and I'd love to get in touch with him after all these years. Please help, thank you. Jean-Michel Martin

— Jean-Michel Martin

Thursday June 25, 2009

Would you like a few more photos of students from my time at BSoA in the 50’s. What email address should I send them to? Regards
Derek Turner 1950/1954

— Derek Turner

Tuesday May 26, 2009

great work!


Tuesday May 19, 2009

If Prof. J Godfrey Stoddart would like to get in touch with me, I will be able to help regarding your request of Feb. 15th 2009, for information of Margurite Lockwood, BSoA 1952, then RCA.
Jonh Hutchinson

— John Hutchinson

Sunday April 12, 2009

My father Bill Papas and he attended the school, I was wondering if you had any info on him. Possibly put BSoA on Wikapedia . I am currently developing his site on wikapedia

— Warren Papas

Wednesday March 11, 2009

Am interested to find anyone who attended BSoA between 1943 -1946. Be great to hear from them.

Robert Juniper

Wednesday March 11, 2009

I am interested in finding anyone who attended BSoA between 1943 -1946, when i was there.

Robert Juniper

Sunday February 15, 2009

Please I am trying to contact Marguerite Lockwood who was at the BSoA in 1952 & then went onto the RCA in Typography etc. Any help welcome.
Best Wishes and Thank you !!

— Prof. J.Godfrey Stoddart

Sunday January 11, 2009

picture 21 caption :
top row 2nd from right is John Sturgess (etching tutor) 1961 or 1962.

Keith Andrew

Sunday January 4, 2009

Do you know when the stucture that housed the school was built? Do you know what it was used for before it was a school?

— todd morrison

Thursday December 18, 2008

I was recommended by my art teacher Owen Frampton to go to evening classes at Beckenham School of Art 1959 and I continued full-time 1960 – 1964 – currently computer support at Buckinghamshire New University – Happy Days . . . Per

— Per Helgesen

Saturday November 29, 2008

Can anyone tell me anything about the late Stuart Edward Westlake Goss? An illustrator. Did anyone know him?

— geoff

Monday October 13, 2008

Art can be one language, but art can take so many different forms. I am intereted in reading any website about art.

Jenny Kan

Sunday October 12, 2008

Hi, I was just browsing the net & thinking about my old art school & remember Tom Freeth at Ravensbourne along with Victor Kuell & Brian Fielding. I had some happy days there.
I now run the painting dept at The Uni of Ulster.
Best wishes

mark ainsworth

Sunday September 14, 2008

the house in croydon road,that later became the annex for the beckenham school of art WAS ,in 1928 …the croydon road merternity hospital,my brother was born in this building,the building was badly damaged during the second world war when a direct hit landed on the house to its left.(i remember this well as we lived at elmers end ,a short way away.michael tostevin

— michael tostevin

Sunday September 14, 2008

hi ,photo number 11 (school play the miller and his men 1951) the anite,(i think it was with an a…anita is anita germaney, she lived in beck lane ..i worked with her at twinlocks for some years and we appeared togeather in several productions of the drama group at twinlocks

— michael tostevin

Monday September 1, 2008

Sorry, but I have to correct some captions: Pic 12 Should read
Margaret Chesworth,Pat Abbott
Christine Stenning & Vyvyan Hilder
Pic 14&18 Spelling Vyvyan Hilder not

— Vyvyan Hilder ARCA

Tuesday August 19, 2008

Hi! I love the BSoA

— Peter Stuart

Tuesday July 29, 2008

Dear Dr Cailean
Hi I am responsible for the Alumni Association at Ravensbourne college. Please can you forward my email or phone no 0208 289 4812 to any Alumni. We are looking at holding a Reunion soon.
Many thanks
Alison Knott

Alison Knott

Friday July 18, 2008

At last a web site all we need now is a book.
Student from 1959 until move to Ravensbourne

— Barry Burtt

Saturday June 14, 2008

Hey Mac, I’ve just seen a little show on Art London by Len Holman. Have you managed to contact him yet?

— Slim

Sunday May 25, 2008

I was never fortunate enough to spend time with my “Uncle Wolfie”
(my grandfather was Leo Kass) but always heard AWESOME stories about him while I was growing up and even as an adult. I heard he was a well known and respected person and artist. The articiles that were just forwarded to me are a testimate to the person I heard so much about and validation to the stories I was told growing up.
Thank you all for the kind words.

— Cheryle Danae Hirtriter Huffman (grand niece)

Saturday May 24, 2008

I’d be very pleased to hear from any of my uncle (Wolfie Kass)’ students and friends. It’s a long way from Kent to Australia, but it’s nice to know that Uncle Wolfe was so beloved. My daughter and I had a tour of the flat when we were last in England together (1990), and he showed me some of the bits and pieces he’d gathered in a farmer’s field to use for a planned sculpture. I have a painting he did of his father that has pride of place in my home.
Mrs Lee Lee, Victoria, Australia

— Lee Lee

Friday April 25, 2008

If anyone has any reminiscences about Graham Arnold (or photographs of him) – who taught at Beckenham around 47-52, I’d be pleased to hear from you as I run a website dedicated to the work of the Ruralists.

If you were taught by Graham I’d be pleased to include your details on the website.

Mark Richards

Thursday April 17, 2008

Referring to your item in the news section, Painting Identity.

Tom Freeth (my father) did indeed do this illustration. For a number of years he was commissioned to do the art work for the ICI annual calendar, there would be 2 months beneath each picture, so 6 pictures per year. The subject matter in this case was on the theme of the history of Chemistry, in line with the nature of the company.

Tom taught at Beckenham as head of painting, but was always on a part time contract. He continued to do his own work, but as money was always a bit short, he took on a few commercial jobs. I don’t think he would choose to have this work given wider exposure. However, I do remember when the annual task came up, he would do quite detailed research to make sure the illustrations were factually authentic

I have found among his various sketch books and prints, a further 10 proofs for the calendar, one is dated 1956.

— Janet Spiller / Freeth

Thursday March 27, 2008

Hi BSoA, I am pleased to find this site. I have always wondered about my dad’s time in school. It is a part of his life that we have so little record of. Recently I found some great snapshots of that time and also one of the pieces that he submitted in his application. I am interested in any stories or snapshots of that time. Am trying to document his life. Also, would be nice to hear from old friends.
Marysa Malone, daughter of Brent Malone

— marysa malone

Friday January 18, 2008

I was a student at BSoA from 1960 -62. A few friends and I still have work from those days (two of them say they have copies of the magazine printed in the final year) Would you be interested in more examples of ex-students’ work and if so, what’s the best way to get them to you?

Adrian Buckley

Thursday December 13, 2007

just been looking at this great website – what fond memories have come flooding back! Will be in touch with photos of work – desk shown is not by me! I do remember one occasion when the dinner wagon was badly ‘driven’ and met with a serious accident. Panic stations until more victuals were summoned from central office!

— Brian Eacersall 1956-1961

Friday November 9, 2007

Dear Maya (Sue)

So pleased you liked our BSoA website. It has proven to be
a great success with 30 visitors per month.

It would be wonderful to receive and paste in your collection of photos in our Galleries
which have proven to be its most popular feature.

I do remember you but I doubt that you will remember me, I was 1-2 years behind
but I did study with Kass which has been an indelible experience that transfered
over to my filmmaking.

Please email your pictures with dates and names. Also if you can put names
to some of the pictures already in the Galleries that would be good. Each picture is numbered.

Hoping to have a Centenary next year. An official BSoA Archives has also been established
at the Bromley Central Library and hopefully a commemorative plaque will be installed
at the former BSoA site.

Look forward to receiving your pictures and even a written story.

Keep opening the website as new material is being added every week.



Dr Cailean MacKirdy
Website Curator
BSoA 1957-61


Friday November 2, 2007

I may be able to fill in the odd bit of memory cement!

Let me know if a student circa 1944/45 can help in any way.

Best wishes,


— David (Dave) Alston

Friday November 2, 2007

As and when the idea of a commemorative plaque to mark the site of the old School of Art becomes a reality ( and I think that perhaps a natural stone base would best fit the idea of good design and permanence) could we perhaps mark the event with a gathering of people from the four corners and celebrate with a meal somewhere…? David Alston (1941-44)

— David (Dave) Alston

Monday October 22, 2007

Well!! how fine this site is!!
My name has changed due too marriage and 1st name change. I have some photos I can dig out plus some good ones Of Wolfie /Kass and also his work! What memories are evoked by this wonderful site!
I remember many of my old friends from 1956 to 1960 wonder where they are now?
No longer a graphic artist have segued into acting and writing!! Forever grateful to Wolfie and Tom and Peter for all their direction support and love.
www.imdb.com / maya waterman (stage name)

— suzanne corline / now Maya Machado

Monday September 17, 2007

How about song-links? I always associate “Long Ago and Far Away” with our (Mr) Collins. It seemed always to be playing at that time during his lessons.

Mind you that was just one recollection during my association in the years 1941-44. I was an honoured member of the dinner-wagon crew which brought sustenance to the school fair weather or foul from the Tech opposite.

Cheers, everyone,


— David (Dave) Alston

Thursday May 24, 2007

Hi Peter I remember you and Peter Williams well, also Breezy and David and most of the others in our group as well as those scattered around the school in general. I like the idea of a where are we now. Including photos if we dare. Nina

— Nina McConnell

Thursday May 10, 2007

Hi What a shock to come face to face with ones self after 47 years. Great stuff love seeing all the old faces and places. If I can remember any dates etc I’ll let u know, might be able to dig out some other info. Regards Nina.

— Nina Bland(McConnell)

Friday January 12, 2007

Hi Cailean

Gallery Photo

Ye Furniture Dept.

The guy in the middle with the saw is Pete Williams The date is around 1960.
He had no reason to be there because we wasn’t in that department. But he did have a motorbike and spent time with Tom Watt etc.

Peter Mitchell

Wednesday December 20, 2006

Now I’m sitting here trying to work, and I keep thinking about Beckenham.

A year or so ago I commented to Trevor Stevens that I wondered where we all are now and what we look like.

His reply: “Fat and bald – at thats just the women”

Anyway, I know its all work but, what about a where are they now section with new photos?

Peter Mitchell

Wednesday December 20, 2006

Hi BSoA. Trev Stevens just told me about this site in his Christmas card. What a great idea. Haven’t time to read it all now, but I will be back. What a lot of names I had forgotten.

Peter Mitchell 1958-1963

Peter Mitchell